Team Building in Phoenix, Arizona and USA

Corporate Team Building Activities & Events

Choose any location for your team building - Phoenix, throughout Arizona and USA.

Our team building events really get people working together, having fun and achieving success.

Whether you're organizing a team event, a conference, an away day, a fun day or team meeting - if you're bringing people together and want to include a team building or motivational element - we can help.


best team building event ever!

It was the best team building event ever!

"... The event you led us through was excellent ... Your team surpassed my expectations (and I do have high expectations)!"

Jeanette Genge

You made our department teambuilder a huge success

" ...  You will be at the top of my list the next time I have the opportunity of doing another team building event."

Kristina Nielsen 

team building activities with university students in Vancouver

The students had a blast and truly got into the whole experience

" ...  Even now, a few months later, the students continue to talk about our session as one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling events... "

Andrey Pavlov 

Orienteering as team building activity

My students enjoyed orienteering to their fullest ability

" I wanted to thank you for a terrific event. You were highly organized and professional. "

Daryl Page 

We Support


When you are looking for:

  Fun and Joy

  Team Work



  Trust and Help


  Winning Attitude

Team Building activities for your:

  Corporate Meeting / Conference / Retreat;
  Event Reward / Motivational / Social;
  Team New / Merging / Restructured;
  Program Incentive / Appreciation / Celebration

Corporate Team Building Types

  Classic - Treasure Hunt, Team Olympics, etc.;
  Reality Show based - Amazing Race, Apprentice, Survivor;
  Totally Customized Teambuilding activities

Who you are?
You are the single most important part of our corporate team building business. Our Mission is ‘to deliver exceptional standards of service to our customers’ and our pursuit of this is unrelenting. You will always have:

 Great attention to your unique set of needs, goals and budget;

 Totally targeted solutions with extraordinary customization level;

 Constantly and consistently improving results and satisfaction;

From the very first contact, we aim to make your job as easy as possible, taking the initiative, being flexible and always exceeding your expectations.

What you want?
You want value and the value we offer goes beyond the event itself. Our clients’ feedback provides evidence that groups who take part in our events benefit through:
 Enhanced performance
 Stronger relationships and communication
 Higher level of trust and support
 Improved morale
 Greater productivity
 Lasting loyalty

Who is it for?
Our events all have one thing in common.
They all reward, develop and entertain participants.
Tell Team Academy who the corporate team building is for and where to put the emphasis:
  Sales teams
  Project teams
  High achievers, incentives
  Merged or changed teams
  Clients, existing and prospective
  Your staff and their families

Who are we?
Team Academy is a partnership between Ultimate Outdoor Adventures with years of experience in outdoor events, activities and team building, and European Maestro specialized in indoor entertainment. This strong combination gives our customers a stimulating experience through dynamic participatory events. Over the years we have developed our products and refined our service to become renowned for attention to detail, quality and excellence. Having run over 500 corporate team building events in America and Europe, and hosted some 10,000 guests, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to make your event a success.

What we do?
Team Academy provides teambuilding events with a portfolio of activities that offer you choice. Every event will be carefully adjusted to fit your specific objectives and group profile. In addition, benefit from our:
  Team Building Event design team
  Unique & memorable events
  Understanding and flexibility
  Enthusiastic approach

Where we do it?
Team Academy has extensive experience delivering corporate team building events throughout America, which includes finding appropriate venues as part of the service. We specialize in running events:
  City centres or Conference halls
  In local parks or in the wilderness
  Phoenix team building activities and events throughout AZ & USA

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